Our Market
We've got New Zealand covered!

We've got New Zealand covered! 

AB International Limited is regarded as one of the largest and prominent distributors in the international foods segment in New Zealand. We also provide extremely focused sales & merchandising service to mainstream supermarkets throughout New Zealand and across multiple categories. Our extensive experience and understanding for our brands and categories has led to their outstanding growth across many core market channels in the nation's FMCG market.

We, as a team, strive hard to understand and deliver the services that our channels need and build strong working relationships with our trade customers at all levels. We believe in providing successful retail coverage and category management whilst continuing to keep emphasis on core distribution and merchandising focus. Our company's consistency and high level of service commitment makes us effective in serving the leading grocery supermarket chains in New Zealand.

We service all international stores nationwide and handle a number of key, established restaurant accounts, as well as most Asian and independent supermarkets with a channel representatives that are respectively best in class across our industry. We respect, support and reward our team by making them a part in our success.

AB International Limited has its distribution reinforced with ongoing in-store promotional activities, as well as regional and national market campaigns. We have successfully enlisted a commendable number of SKUs in the mainstream supermarket channel across 10+ product categories and continue to work with our partners to progressively grow this every year. We greatly value our trade relationships that we have forged over the years and take pride in being one of their preferred and trusted partners for over 15 years!

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